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History of Academy

In 2008, E-Marketing Academy was just an idea while the term of E-Marketing was stepping the first steps in Middle East. Now, E-Marketing Academy has over than 100 satisfied clients and over than 5000 trainees over the world, and more.

Our clients are from all over the world (Egypt, KSA, UAE, Jordan, Palestine, Kuwait, Libya, Syria, Malaysia, Belgium, USA and more).

The foundation of the academy was in the beginning of 2012 and the actual launching was in 2012, June. The secret of choosing “E-Marketing Academy” name is the insistence on academic accreditation. Now, we give our trainees the academic certification of Cairo University or Cambridge University, plus our private certification.

E-Marketing Academy started as a training service that aims to change the concepts of E-Marketing for the small and medium companies through training their teams on the basics of the new science (2008) and explaining the promising possibilities of it.

Now, E-Marketing Academy has many services beside training. It provides E-Marketing Consultancy to achieve the targets of your company. Also, it has the ability to take care of the company profile of E-Marketing. 

Our Vision

E-marketing to become familiar with the Academy in 2018 and one of the top five companies in the Middle East in the e-marketing three topped the list: training, consulting, management.

Our Mission

Ensuring Familiarity with all growing aspects of e-marketing and delivering them to others through the most direct route to make E-Marketing Academy as a Thought Leader brand in this field, and spread the accurate E-Marketing culture for both companies and individuals.

E-Marketing Academy Services for Training

Till now, we have only two equipped places for our courses. First in Egypt (HQ), and second in KSA (our first branch). If you have no ability to attend in one of them, you can book your seat in one of our online courses. E-Marketing Academy offers following courses:

Our Courses in Egypt

Social Media Course

Social Ads Course

Google Adwords Course

SEO Course

Digital Marketing Planning Course

ContentKey Course

FaceFast Course


Our Courses in Saudi Arabia

Social Media Course

Social Ads Course – Advanced

Social Media planning & Strategies

Google Adwords Workshop


Online Courses

Social Media Online Course

Google Adwords Online Course

SEO Online Course

Digital Marketing planning Online Course



There are many companies that have a clear target about marketing, and have the required tools to achieve it, but they have not the sufficient experience to use these tools. Well, This is the main role of E-Marketing Academy We save your money, efforts and time that you may spend in dozens of tests to achieve your goal. We give you the gist of experience of us and our partners to can achieve this goal in a certain period of time.

Integrated Management Solutions

Sometimes, we find that some companies have neither time nor human resources to manage an integrated marketing profile for themselves. This company profile has a lot of challenges and actions that require a certain level of professionalism. For those and others .

E-Marketing Academy presents this service as an integrated solution which carries this headache from the company. It is a win-win deal… you are the client who doesn’t want to afford this task, and we are the experts who love to make this task in ideal way in the terms of the best exploitation of available tools correctly.

E-Marketing Academy and Social Activities

E-Marketing Academy is a vital member in many local and international events. It also organizes its private events online and offline. E-Marketing Academy is the official sponsor for Kaadet Mosawekeen (قعدة مسوقين) group on facebook. It is not just an online group for exchanging experience but also offline group. E-Marketing Academy had organized a lot of meetings for Kaadet Mosawekeen in Cairo, Alex and Mansoura, and we are looking forward to cover the rest of the governorates of Egypt. Kaadet Mosawekeen as an event is totally FREE and you can subscribe and attend it according to your location. It is a good opportunity for introducing yourself to the E-Marketing industry community and exchanging knowledge and experiences